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European Seismic Hazard and Risk Models European Seismic Hazard and Risk Models

LNEC is a founding member of EFEHR (European Facilities for Earthquake Hazard and Risk), a non-profit network of organisations and community resources aimed at advancing earthquake hazard and risk assessment in the European-Mediterranean area.

For several years, an international group of scientists has been working on a European seismic risk model. In autumn this year, the model will be released publicly. Before the release, we, a group of social scientists at ETH Zurich, are testing different products developed in the context of the European seismic risk model.

In this survey, you will see some preliminary outputs of the model [NOT the final version]. Your comments and answers will help us to improve these outputs and make them more accessible and understandable.

The survey is in English and no specific knowledge or expertise is needed to fill it in.

You can access the survey here.

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