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Fernando Marques da Silva

Fernando Marques da Silva
Phone: 218 443 862

Professional Situation

Research officer

Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • PhD Mechanical Engineering, at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, 2003.
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering, at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, 1990.
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Aplied termodynamics, at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, 1984.
  • Bac. in Mechanical Engineering at ISEL, Lisbon, 1978.

Functions and Relevant Public Offices

  • Research officer since 2003
  • Reserach Assisten (LNEC), 1995/2003
  • Engineer (LNETI), 1985/1995
  • Lab. Tecnician (LNETI), 1980/1985
  • Invited lecturer at Lisbon Un. Sciences Faculty since 2012

Areas of Research / Interest

  • Wind engineering
  • Wind related risks
  • Natural ventilation
  • Wind tunnel
  • Wind power

Research and Professional Activity

Wind action assesment on several structures sucha as Vasco da Gama, April 25th de Abril and do Tejo third crossing bridges, stadiums large covers (Dragão, Alvalade XXI, Leiria, Tizi Ouzu-Algeria).

Research projects

  • COST TU1304 – WINERCOST, since 2015
  • ENVIRH Indoor health at kidergartens (in portuguese), 2008-2011
  • Annex 44/AIE - Integrating Environmentally Responsive Elements in Buildings, 2005-2008
  • URBKLIM – Cliamte and urban sustainability. Comfort and climate risks perception. (in Portuguese), 2004-2009
  • Comission of European Comunities Passive Cooling (PASCOOL) Project, 1992-1995

Scientific Orientation

  • Turial or co-tutorial of 17 MSc thesis (ISEL, IST, FCUL, Un. Coimbra, Un. Naples) and1 PhD (IST)
  • Jury of 6 MSc thesis (ISEL, IST, FCUL) and 5 PhD (FCUL, FEUP, Un. Coimbra, Campinas (brasil) e S. Palo (Brasil).

Relevant Publications

Author of 1 PhD Thesis, 1 MSc Thesis. Author or co-author of 4 book chapters, 8 papers in peer reviewed inernational journals, 71 papers in national and international conference proceedings, 93 cientific reports, 16 oral presentations at national and international seminars or workshops.


  • Marques a Silva, F., (2003) "Buildings Natural Ventilation. Atmosferic Turbulence” (PhD.), (in portuguese) TPI 33, LNEC, Lisboa, 2004, ISBN 972-49-2020-8
  • Marques a Silva, F., (1990) " Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines Behaviour Under Dynamic Actions”, MSc., (in portuguese), IST.
Book Chapters
  • Marques da Silva, et. al.. (2010) "Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality”, (in portuguese) Coord. Viegas, J., Caderno de Edifícios, nº6, LNEC.
  • LMarques da Silva, F., Zanghirella, F. (2010) "Integrating Envinronmentally Responsive Elements in Buildings. Expert Guide – Part 2: RBE, Chap. 4 – Advanced Integrated Facades”, IEA – Annex 44.
  • Marques da Silva, F., Gosselin, J. (2009) "Advanced Integrated Facades – State of the Art”, IEA – Annex 44.
Papers in peer reviewed inernational journals
  • Lukiantchuki, Mariaeli, Shimomura, Alessandra, Marques da Silva, F., Caram, Rosana "Extracting and capting air sheds: opening geometry and dimension influence on natural ventilation.” (in portuguese) Ambiente Construído, v. 16, n. 1, p. 83-104, jan./mar. (2016), pp 83-104. http://dx.doi.org/10.1590/s1678-86212016000100062
  • Silva, J., Marques da Silva, F., Couto, A., Estanqueiro, Ana. "A method to correct the flow distorsion of offshore wind data using CFD simulation and wind tunnel tests” Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 140 (2015), pp 87-94.
  • F. Marques da Silva, M. Glória Gomes, A. Moret Rodrigues. "Measuring and estimating airflow in naturally ventilated double skin facadesBuilding & Environment, 87 (2015), pp 292-301.
  • Costa, P.J.M., Andrade, C., Mahaney, W.C., Marques da Silva, F., Freire, P., Freitas, M.C., Janardo, C., Oliveira, M.A., Silva, T. and Lopes, V. "Aeolian Microtextures in Silica Spheres Induced in Wind Tunnel Experiment: Comparison with Aeolian Quartz.” Geomorphology 180-181 (2013), pp 120-129 (http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.geomorph.2012.09.011).
  • Henriques J. C. C., Marques da Silva, F., Estanqueiro, A. I., Gato, L. M. "Design of a new urban wind turbine airfoil using a pressure-load inverse method”. Renewable Energy, 34 (2009), 2728-2734.
  • Haase, M., Marques da Silva, F., Amato, A. "Simulation of ventilated facades in hot and humid climates”. Energy & Buildings, 41 (2009), 361-373.
  • Marques da Silva, F and Gomes, M. Glória, (2008) "Gap inner pressure in multy-storey double skin facades”, Energy and Buildings, 40 (08) 1553-1559.
  • Marques da Silva, F., Saraiva, J. G., (2005)"A Simplified Model to Estimate Natural Venilation Flows for Simple Dwelling Layouts”, The International Journal of Ventilation, Vol 3, nº4, 353-362.

Other scientific and technical Activities

  • Papers review in peer reviewed inernational journals.
  • GT2 standard working group member (ventilation and burning gas products exhaust) of CTA17- ONS, IPQ.
  • CT 183 standard working group member - ONS (Potentially explosive atmospheres), IPQ.

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