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Materials Department Materials Department

João Manuel C Oliveira Mimoso

João Manuel C Oliveira Mimoso
Phone: 218 443 642

Professional Situation

Principal Research Officer

Academic and Scientific Degrees

Functions and Relevant Public Offices

  • LNEC Principal Research Officer has degrees in Engineering (1975) and Management (1993). Apprenticeship in Aerodynamics (TU Delft- 1974), Eng.PhD in Heat Transfer (1986), and Habilitation to Coordinate Research on the analytical certification of Reference Materials (LNEC- 1999)
  • Former invited assistant at the University of Lisbon (1973-1986).

Areas of Research / Interest

  • Professional research interest in majolica tiles coverings (azulejos) and ceramics in general.
  • Personal research interests in popular art and the history of the daily life in the 20th century.

Research and Professional Activity

Organized metrological and quality systems (17 laboratories in LNEC) and was quality manager from 1993 to 2003. Helped organize quality systems in Madeira, Macau, and (presently) Cape Verde.

LNEC career developed mainly on building materials, components and equipments- quality, assessment, decay and conservation.

From 2003 coordinates the research and consultancy on stone and ceramics, particularly in the built heritage.

Relevant Publications

Over 100 publications, the main core of which composed of results of confidential contract work in several fields.

Some recent publications (since 2012):

• Esteves, M.L. & Mimoso, JM "A abordagem estilística no restauro museológico de azulejos” in Proc. Congresso "De Viollet Le Duc à Carta de Veneza- teoria e prática do restauro no espaço ibero-americano”, LNEC 20-21 de novembro de 2014;

• Roque, D; Fonseca, A; Mimoso, JM "Mapeamento digital e classificação de anomalias em paramentos murais: processamento digital de imagem e classificação orientada por objectos” in Anais do 2º Encontro Luso-Brasileiro de Conservação e Restauração pps.161-173, São João Del Rey, Minas Gerais, Brasil 01-03 agosto, 2013;

• Mimoso, JM, Pereira, S "Os azulejos de fachada de Lisboa: formas de degradação física e seus facilitadores” in Proc. Jornadas Cidades e Desenvolvimento, LNEC, julho 2012;

• Mimoso, J & Pais, A.N "Oferecer ao olhar: sobre a singularidade e o interesse para o turismo cultural do património azulejar português” ibid, 2012;

• Mimoso, JM; Pereira, S; Esteves, L; Santos Silva, A "Degradação física dos azulejos históricos portugueses em aplicações exteriores” in Proc..ARQDOC, Belém, Brasil, Nov, 2012;

• Mimoso, JM; Pereira, S; Esteves, L; Santos Silva, A "A tour of façade azulejos decay in Lisbon” in Proc. Int. Cong. Azulejar, Aveiro 10-12 Out, 2012;

• Mimoso, JM; Pereira, S; Esteves, L "A matter of strength - measuring the glaze/biscuit adherence in Portuguese azulejos”, ibid, 2012;

• Fares, M; Mimoso, J.M; Pais, A.N; Martins, I; Coentro, S; Pereira, S; Muralha, V.S "Azulejo blues – an analytical study of the blue colours in Portuguese azulejos” ibid, 2012;

• Pais, A.N, Mimoso, JM, Campelo, J "As primeiras fachadas azulejadas de Lisboa” ibid, 2012;

• Mimoso, JM; A. Santos Silva; I. Milagre Martins; D. Rodrigues Costa; S. Morais Pereira; L. Esteves; A.N. Pais "Analytical study of tiles of presumed Flemish origin from the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza in Vila Viçosa” in From Flanders, the azulejos commissioned by D.Teodosio I, 5th Duke of Braganza, bilingual Portuguese / English pps 62-72, Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lisboa, Outubro 2012;

• Coentro, SX, Vânia S. F. Muralha, M. Lima; A. S. Silva; A. N. Pais, Mimoso, JM "As cores na azulejaria portuguesa do século XVII” in catálogo da exposição "Um Gosto Português. O Uso do Azulejo no século XVII” pps 382-390, Museu Nacional do Azulejo, Lisboa, Julho 2012;

• Coentro, SX, Mimoso, JM, A. M. Lima; A. S. Silva; A. N. Pais, Vânia S. F. Muralha "Multi-analytical identification of pigments and pigment mixtures used in 17th century Portuguese azulejos” Journal of the European Ceramics Society nº 32, January 2012.


Conferences and Symposia recently organized (since 2012):

• 2015- GlazeArch2015 (International Conference "Glazed Ceramics in Architectural Heritage”

• 2014- Congresso Internacional "De Viollet Le Duc à Carta de Veneza- Teoria e Prática do Restauro no Espaço Ibero-Americano”;

• 2014- HYDROPHOBE VII (7th International Conference on Water Repellent Treatment and Protective Surface Technology for Building Materials);

• 2013 (19 de abril) "Monumentos Pátrios, azulejos e galos de Barcelos – as muitas faces do património tangível”.

Other scientific and technical Activities

Represents LNEC in the management board of the Portuguese research infrastructure IPERION-CH.pt (Integrated Platform for European Infrastructure for Research in Cultural Heritage- Portuguese Joint Research Unit) listed in the national roadmap. Coordinated LNEC participation in the 7FP CHARISMA and now coordinates LNEC participation to the European research and access consortium on cultural heritage (IPERION-CH) with responsibilities on the planning of the future European research infrastructure in the field.

Other Information

Personal conferences and lectures given since 2012:

  • By invitation abroad: four in Brazil, four in Cape Verde, one in Tunisia;
  • By invitation in Portugal: five at LNEC and five elsewhere.

Financial director of FUNDCIC, a LNEC spin-off organising scientific/technical diffusion events and supporting research.

Besides Portuguese, has variable knowledge of eight other languages.

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