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Transportation Department Transportation Department

António Lemonde Macedo

António Lemonde Macedo
Diretor de Unidade Departamental
Phone: 218 443 460

Professional Situation

  • Principal Researcher
  • Head of the Transportation Department of LNEC

Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • Expert Degree from LNEC, 1989
  • Graduate Civil Engineer, IST (Technical University of Lisbon), 1977

Functions and Relevant Public Offices

  • Head of the Transportation Department of LNEC, since 2004
  • Invited Professor at IST, Civil Engineering Dpt.,1992-2002
  • Head of the Traffic and Road Safety Division, LNEC, 1990-2004

Areas of Research / Interest

  • Traffic and road safety
  • Geometric design of transport infrastructures
  • Road information systems
  • Transports planning

Research and Professional Activity

  • Scientific coordinator of LNEC participation in European transport research projects (SUNFLOWER+, SAFETY-NET, NETLIPSE, COST Action 331)
  • Researcher in charge of  several programmed research projects of LNEC
  • Responsible for carrying out numerous studies and expert advice for external (national and foreign) entities, under contracts with LNEC
  • Coordinator of LNEC teams for transport related studies undertaken for the Portuguese Government, such as: the location of the New Lisbon Airport (2007); the location of the Third Tagus Bridge in Lisbon (2008); the environmental evaluation of the Strategic Plan for Transports and Infrastructures (2014)
  • Project leader of the Portuguese participation (LNEC) on the Franco-Portuguese Twinning Project, under the Algeria-EU Association Agreement, aimed at supporting the "Organisme National de Contrôle Technique des Travaux Publiques” (CTTP), on a road infrastructures management system (2016-2017).

Scientific Orientation

  • Master and PhD thesis.

Relevant Publications

  • Author or co-author of almost two hundred published documents, among thesis, scientific and technical reports, articles, conference papers, book chapters and lessons.

Other scientific and technical Activities

  • Participation in several national and international committees and working groups
  • Member of organizing and scientific committees of national and international meetings, conferences and congresses; chairman and moderator of sessions
  • Member of juries awarding University degrees (Master, Phd, Professor), as well as within the research career (for Senior and Principal Researcher) and for admission of grant holders (researchers, post-doc)
  • Member of the jury for awarding the "Manuel Rocha Research Prize”, in six editions
  • Secretary of LNEC Council for Training Activities (1990-2001), member of the Coordination Commission of LNEC Scientific Council and coordinator of the Transportation Department Scientific Commission, since 2004
  • LNEC representative person at associations of European research institutions (FERSI – "Forum of European Road Safety Research Institutes”; and ECTRI – "European Conference of Transport Research Institutes”), having taken part of the Executive Board of the former (2000-2002)

Other Information

  • Training performed in its areas of expertise: at the "National Swedish Road Administration (Sweden, 1982); at the "Service d´Études Techniques des Routes et Autoroutes (France, 1982), and at the "Center for Transportation Research” of the University of Texas in Austin (USA, 1985)
  • Post-graduate courses attended: "A Study in Pavement  Management” (Univ. Texas, 1985) and "Economic Assessment of Transportation Projects” (Univ. Coimbra, 1986)
  • Awarded the "Manuel Rocha Research Prize”  in 1992
  • Senior Member of the Portuguese Engineers Association (OE), holding the title of "Expert in Transports”
  • Elected member of the Executive Commission for Transport Expertise of the Portuguese Engineers Association (OE), for the 2013-2016 and 2016-2019 mandates.
  • Member of the "American Society of Civil Engineers”
  • Member of the "World Road Association” (PIARC)

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