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Cal Journeys - participation of LNEC's researchers Cal Journeys - participation of LNEC's researchers

As part of the Cal Journeys - Stories and Knowledge of Lisbon, held on the 24th and 25th of May at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (FCSH) of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, researchers Rosário Veiga and Marluci Menezes, from the Building Coatings and Thermal Insulation Unit (NRI) of the Buildings Department (DED) of LNEC, held the following lectures:

- "Lime mortars in historic structures and coatings: the test of time";
- "The rescue of memory as a pretext for safeguarding the lime's heritage".

It should be remembered that lime kilns played a fundamental role in the history and development of the city of Lisbon, especially after the 1755 earthquake. The production of lime from the abundant local limestone, fundamental for the reconstruction and expansion of the city, was also used in the production of soap, candles, dyeing, glass, paper and various pharmaceutical chemicals.
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