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CircularBuild project - promotional video CircularBuild project - promotional video

A promotional video on the CircularBuild project, on which LNEC was a partner, is now released.

Research Project CircularBuild intended to evolve the concept of prefabricated modular construction to circular economy by researching alternative materials that would allow the construction of more environmentally sustainable panels. At the end of their life cycle, these panels are to be reused or dismantled and therefore reintroduced in the production cycle as raw material for the manufacture of new panels.

The implementation of the project involved research and validation of construction solutions and new material (prototype development and testing) and the industrial process (production process), as well as the development and construction of the pilot facility, which shows the circular economy performance of the CircularBuild solutions and monitoring their performance and energy efficiency.

The project consortium stands out for its multidisciplinary and complementarity of skills, means and resources, being coordinated by CONCEXEC and with LNEC, RISE and Cluster Habitat as partners.

CircularBuild was carried out along a period of two years. The results are expected to be long lasting, far exceeding the project's life span.

EEA Grants - funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - supported 85% of the total budget of CircularBuild. 

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