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Dam Operation and Safety Course at LNEC Dam Operation and Safety Course at LNEC

The 20th edition of the Dam Exploration and Safety Course took place at LNEC, from 13 to 21 May 2024, in a joint organization of APA - Agência Portuguesa do Ambiente, EDP - Energias de Portugal, S.A., IST - Instituto Superior Técnico and LNEC - National Laboratory for Civil Engineering.

The course had 34 participants, most of them engineers from public and private entities in Portugal and Spain, and was taught by senior staff from the Portuguese Environment Agency and EDP Produção, teachers from the Instituto Superior Técnico, researchers from LNEC and other guests.

The safety of dams is a cause for concern for society, due to the potential risks inherent to the construction and operation of these works associated with the possibility, even if remote, of the occurrence of ruptures or other events that affect the safety of people and goods located in the valleys downstream.

One of the purposes of the training was, precisely, to increase awareness of the security issues that these structures raise and their implications, in addition to reinforcing the importance of adequate technical qualification of the agents involved in their construction and maintenance.

The course culminated with a technical visit to LNEC's Geotechnical, Hydraulic and Environmental departments and a visit to some national dams, both accompanied by trainers.
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