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Project LeaRn4LIFE - Sevilla Project LeaRn4LIFE - Sevilla

As part of the LeaRn4LIFE project, in which LNEC is a partner, the 4th project meeting and dissemination activities took place in April 2024. There was also a visit to the University of Seville's CITIUS.

At the 4th project meeting, the contents of WP2 (training programme) and the activities planned under WP3 (communication and awareness-raising) were discussed, and a timetable was set for the next challenges and deadlines to be met.

Dissemination activities included: i) 1 awareness-raising activity for the local community (La Puebla de los infantes) which involved presenting the project, focusing on the relevance of measurement and the possible effects of exposure to radon; ii) 1 seminar for professionals (Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura - ETSA - in Seville) which addressed issues related to Spanish legislation (technical code and existing requirements for buildings).

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