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Ready for Zero Pollution? - LIFE Fitting Seminaire Ready for Zero Pollution? - LIFE Fitting Seminaire

As part of the LIFE Fitting project, LNEC (National Laboratory for Civil Engineering) took part in the Urban Wastewater Treatment: Ready for Zero Pollution? seminar held by the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) in Porto in collaboration with TRATAVE S.A..

The event, which took place on April 9 in the city of Porto, aimed to promote the LIFE Fitting project - "Demonstration of an innovative PLAN-DO toolbox for safer, resource-efficient and fit-for-purpose wastewater treatment".

At the seminar, there was room for discussion on micropollutants, resistant bacteria & antibiotic resistance genes and the new UWWFD (Urban Wastewater Directive), which was attended by the project team, a panel of international (INRAE) and national experts (CFE-TERRA, LSRE-LCM/FEUP, AQUAPOR-SAUR GROUP, BLUEMATER, EQUILIBRIUM) and a very participative and enthusiastic audience.
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