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geosynthetics test laboratory

UGeoS is an independent geosynthetics test laboratory, providing testing services to the civil engineering industry, including consultants, contractors, engineers and manufacturers.

It is located at LNEC, in the Geotechnics Department.

UGeoS was established in the 1990s with the main purpose of providing support to the construction industry, as well as to scientific research and technological innovation.

Additional information can be found at this laboratory's flyer.

Field of expertise

UGeoS conducts laboratory testing on geotextiles and geotextile-related products and geosynthetic barriers (geomembranes and clay geosynthetic barriers). In addition, UGeoS carries out in situ testing, with particular emphasis on Quality Assurance (CQA) testing for civil and geoenvironmental engineering.


UGeoS has the capabilities to conduct tests to EN, ISO and ASTM standards, in particular:

  • mass per unit area;
  • thickness;
  • pore size distribution;
  • water flow capacity in their plane;
  • water permeability characteristics normal to the plane, without load;
  • wide-width tensile test;
  • puncture resistance (CBR);
  • dynamic perforation (cone drop);
  • trapezoidal tear;
  • compressive creep properties;
  • density of geomembranes;
  • seam peel and shear;
  • carbon black content;
  • melt flow index;
  • resistance to oxidation;
  • swell index (clay geosynthetic barriers).

Other services

Other activities developed at UGeoS include:

  • research projects on behalf of, or in partnership with, government organisations and contract research organisations;
  • advisory to assist engineers throughout the design process and contractors throughout the building process;
  • field services, mainly related with quality construction control and installation activities.