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Metallic Products Laboratory

The Metallic Products Laboratory (UPM) is part of the Structural Behaviour Unit (NCE), which is integrated in the Structures Department of LNEC.

From among other activities, NCE also acts as expert consultant in the certification and classification of various steel products for both reinforced and prestressed concrete.
UPM performs accredited tests, and holds Certificate No. L0240.

Additional information can be found at this laboratory's flyer.

Field of expertise

UPM develops its main activity within the fields of mechanical characterization and quality control of steel products for reinforcement and prestressing of concrete.


UPM performs, among others, the following mechanical characterization tests:

Steel for the reinforcement of concrete

  • Tensile test;
  • Alternate cyclic test;
  • Bend test;
  • Axial load fatigue test;
  • Measurement of the geometrical characteristics;
  • Determination of the weld shear force of welded fabric and steel lattice girders.

Steel for the prestressing of concrete

  • Tensile test;
  • Deflected tensile test;
  • Axial load fatigue test;
  • Relaxation test;
  • Reverse bend test.

Other services

In addition to these characterization tests, UPM also develops other activities related with research and development studies for the technical assessment and characterization of new materials and metallic products.