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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department
Information Technology in Water and Environment Research Group
Information Technology in Water and Environment Research Group
Anabela de Oliveira
Anabela de Oliveira


The Information Technology in Water and Environment Research Group (GTI) develops research, development and innovation activities (R&D&I) in information systems and technologies applied to the Water and Environment domains.

GTI aims at:
  • Promoting the integration and technology transfer between LNEC and its external partners in the areas of information systems and computational applications;
  • Promoting the development and application of innovative products at LNEC, to address the societal challenges and needs of LNEC’s partners and end-users.
The strategic research of GTI is developed in close collaboration with other research units at LNEC and with external partners. The activity is focused on the following areas:

Real time forecast and monitoring systems for environmental phenomena

Real data acquisition systems, including wireless sensor networks, UAVs and robot platforms

Intelligent systems for risk and emergency management, including early-warning systems

Geographic information systems, including WebGIS and geographical data specification, for fixed and mobile platforms

Parallel and high performance computing in clusters, cloud and supercomputers

Data Management Plans, Data fusion and reliability

GTI’s activity is conducted by a solid, multi-disciplinary and dynamic team, with a strong focus on computer science and engineering.