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Within the scope of LNEC Research Plan for 2009-2012, ten overall projects were developed at DT. Some of these projects included master and doctoral thesis works, and also projects financed through the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), as well as the participation of LNEC in European projects in the area of Transports, namely under the 7th Framework Program of the EU.

For the forthcoming period 2013-2020, the research activity at DT will comply with the Research and Innovation Strategy (E2I) of LNEC, the corresponding projects being included in the LNEC Research Program for the same period. At the European level the main reference is the HORIZON 2020 Program.

Three encompassing themes were defined for the areas covered by DT in order to set the general objectives to be achieved through the research projects until 2020, and for each theme a number of research priority lines were chosen to guide the research, as follows:
Theme 1 – Renewal and asset management of transport infrastructures

L11 - Sustainable application of materials in transport infrastructures

L12 - Evaluation of the behavior and innovative solutions for improving the structural performance of transport infrastructures

L13 - Asset management of transport infrastructures

Theme 2 – Safe and efficient road transport operation

L21 - Road safety interventions management

L22 - Mobility and safety aspects of active transport modes

Theme 3 – Cost-effective transport systems and improvements in urban mobility

L31 - Sustainable mobility, transport and low carbon urban mobility services

L32 - Evaluation of transport systems, inter-modality/multimodality and social equity