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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department

Ana Cristina Mendes

Ana Cristina Mendes
Phone: 218 443 885

Professional Situation

  • (2005-) -
Computer science specialist, National Laboratory of Civil Engineering
  • 2001-2005
Computer science specialist, Portuguese Geographic Institute
  • 1999-2001
Computer science specialist, National Centre for Geographic Information
  • 1996-1998
Collaborator, National Centre for Geographic Information

Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • 1996 - Informatics B. Sc. Degree, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbo

Research and Professional Activity

  • Servers installation and maintenance to support the prediction of real-time systems and spatial data services
  • Development of tools for quality-control of operational functioning of real-time forecasting and monitoring and maintaining the operability of these systems: sea waves propagation in the Portuguese coast and hydrodynamics of the Tagus estuary and Ria de Aveiro
  • Hydraulics and Environment Department (DHA) data center management
  • Definition and implementation of security policies; firewall configuration
  • Installation, configuration and administration of Web, e-mail, DNS and database MySQL and PostgreSQL servers on Linux systems
  • Installation, configuration and administration of Linux workstations; Installation of specific software (elcirc, xmvis, xmgredit, grace, etc.) needed to develop DHA projects
  • Support to workstation and server users regarding software installation and troubleshooting of software and hardware
  • Management of the DHA backup system
  • Support to the creation of audiovisual content to be made available in DHA's projects  and events
  • Development of the SNIG "webmapping" project that involved the participation of several institutions and allowed the crossing and visualization of data produced by these institutions via browser. The information was distributed by the various institutions, this project was developed using ESRI ArcIMS software in Windows environment
  • Participation in the project "Digital Portugal" that was available to the public at the Territory Pavilion during Expo98
  • Development of applications for presentation of information pertaining to the General Directorate for National Buildings and Monuments in the National Geographic Information System (SNIG)

Relevant Publications

  • Oliveira, A.; Fortunato, A. B.; Melo Baptista, A. B.; Turner, P.; Jesus, G.; Rodrigues, M.; Ribeiro, N. A.; Mendes, A.; Fernandes, J. P.; Azevedo, A.; Bruneau N.; Dodet, G. (2010) - "Sistema de previsão em tempo real para a circulação estuarina e costeira”; 1as Jornadas de Engenharia Hidrográfica.
  • Nicolau R., Mendes A., Cavaco R., Alves P., Cabrita P., Gouveia C., Hipólito J. (1999) – "Consulta de Informação Geográfica através do SNIG tendo por base uma Descrição Normalizada da Informação" ; Revista "forum SNIG", nº 4, CNIG.
  • Mendes A., Gouveia C. (1999) –  "XML: Uma linguagem de desenvolvimento para a Web" ; Revista "forum SNIG", nº 4, CNIG.
  • Alves P., Mendes A., Nicolau R. (1998) –  "Restruturação da base de dados do SNIG - Adopção de uma Norma para Descrição de Informação Geográfica" ; Revista "forum SNIG", nº 3., CNIG
  • Mendes A.; "A DGEMN na Internet - Divulgação do Inventário do Património Arquitectónico” (1996) –  Revista Monumentos, nº 5, DGEMN.

Other scientific and technical Activities

  • Linux system administration
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL database administration
  • Perl, PHP, Python and Bash shell scripting programming

Other Information

  • Atribuição do Prémio Descartes 1999 - Instituto Nacional de Administração ao projeto  "Portugal Digital"

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