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  • 17 Mar 2020 The 16th International Conference on Alkali Aggregate Reaction in Concrete (ICAAR 2020) was postponed to October 2020. +
  • 02 Mar 2020 Last 23rd January the workshop “Urban resilience as a continuous process”, organised by Portuguese partners of the project H2020 RESCCUE – Resilience to cope with Climate Change in Urban areas, took place in the Lisbon City Council. +
  • 17 Feb 2020 The main goal of the EW-Coast project is to develop, test, and prove the concept of an operational early warning system (EWS) for coastal overtopping, flooding and erosion for sandy and armoured coasts, using a Bayesian network. +
  • 14 Feb 2020 Interview of LNEC’s researcher Maria João Rosa, concerning the LIFE Impetus project, during the LIFE platform meeting on Urban wastewater treatment in Barcelona, on 29-30 January 2020. +
  • 06 Feb 2020 The LIFE Impetus International Final Conference took place at LNEC, on 5 December 2019. +
  • 03 Feb 2020 Register now. The “Transforming Mobility - Achieving sustainability for a more inclusive world” event will be hosted in Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, on the 14th of February 2020. +
  • 28 Jan 2020 LNEC participates in the research project BE OPEN, which aims to promote Open Science in transport research and assist in regulating and standardizing it. +
  • 06 Jan 2020 Project SaferAfrica, in which LNEC is a partner, won the Prince Michael Award. +
  • 09 Dec 2019 LNEC is a sponsor of the 2nd International Conference on Urban Risks (ICUR2020) that will be held in Lisbon, on 25-27 June 2020. +
  • 04 Oct 2019 Project EW-COast - Early warning system for coastal risks induced by storms is coordinated by by UAlg in partnership with LNEC. +
  • 27 Dec 2018 Research Project BINGO - Bringing Innovation to Ongoing Water Management - was the winner of the "I + D + I" award at the PT Global Water Awards in the category that distinguishes transnational research, development and / or innovation. +
  • 01 Jul 2016 LNEC welcomed a delegation from Malawi. +