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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department

Ana Rodrigues Rilo

Ana Rodrigues Rilo
Phone: 218 443 429

Professional Situation

Doctoral Grant holder

Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • 2009 – Master degree in Geosciences, Universidade de Coimbra;
  • 2007 – Degree in Geology (pré-Bologna system), University of Coimbra

Functions and Relevant Public Offices

  • Research grant holder, LNEC/NEC, Portugal. (2011-2016)
  • Geologist, LABGEO, Laboratory for Geotechnics (Instituto Pedro Nunes). (2010)

Areas of Research / Interest

  • Hazard, vulnerability and risk in estuarine and coastal zones;
  • Methods and techniques for risk assessment and management;
  • Land use planning;
  • Recent evolution of estuarine and coastal areas;
  • Sea level rise consequences and extreme events .

Research and Professional Activity

Worked as a junior researcher in the projects MORFEED: Morphodynamic feedback of estuarine margins to climate change (PTDC/AAC-AMB/100092/2008) and MOLINES: Modelling floods in estuaries. From the hazard to the critical management (PTDC/AAG-MAA/2811/2012) both funded by FCT.Is author and co-author of scientific reports and research papers.

Relevant Publications

  • Freire, P., Tavares, A., Sá, L., Oliveira, A., Fortunato, A., Santos, P., Rilo, A., Gomes, J. L., Rogeiro, J., Pablo, R., Pinto, P.L (2016). A local scale approach to estuarine flood risk management, Natural Hazards, doi:10.1007/s11069-016-2510-y
  • Rilo, A.R., Freire, P., Santos, P., Tavares, A.O., Sá, L. (2015). Historical flood events in the Tagus estuary. Contribution to risk assessment and management tools. In: Luca Podofillini, Bruno Sudret, Bozidar Stojadinovic, Enrico Zio, Wolfgang Kröger (Eds), Safety and Reliability of Complex Engineered Systems, Chapter: Natural Hazards, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, pp.4281-4286, ISBN 9781138028791
  • Tavares, A.O., Santos, P., Freire, P., Fortunato, A.B., Rilo, A.R., Sá, L. (2015) Flooding hazard in the Tagus estuarine area: The challenge of scale in vulnerability assessments. Environmental Science & Policy,51, 238-255.
  • Rilo, A.R, Freire, P., Nogueira Mendes, R., Ceia, R., Catalão, J., Taborda, R., Melo, R., Caçador, M.I., Freitas, M.C., Fortunato, A., B & Alves, E (2014). Metodologia para o traçado da Linha de Máxima Preia-Mar de Águas Vivas Equinociais em ambientes de transição: aplicação ao estuário do Tejo (Portugal). Revista de Gestão Costeira Integrada/Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management, 14 (1): 95-107
  • Rilo, A.R., Freire, P., Guerreiro, M., Fortunato, A.B., Taborda, R (2013). Estuarine margins vulnerability to floods for different sea level rise and human occupation scenarios. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 65, 820-825. ISSN 0749-0208

Other scientific and technical Activities

Was reviewer of two articles for the Journal of Coastal Research in 2013

Other Information

Was distinguished with a Totta/University of Coimbra Grant to develop research work during 1 semester in the Federal University of Santa Catarina in Brasil.

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