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António Costa Santos

António Costa Santos
Phone: 218 443 831

Professional Situation

  • Research Officer

Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • PhD in Civil Engineering (UTL/IST), with a thesis titled "Development of a Method for the Dynamic Characterisation of Daylighting in Mediterranean Climates” (2011)
  • Master Degree in Engineering Physics - Indoor Environment in Buildings Area (UL/FCUL) with the title "Development of a Methodology for Characterizing the Daylight Conditions in Buildings Based on "in situ” Evaluation. (2002)
  • Degree in Engineering Physics. (UL/FCUL) (1990)

Functions and Relevant Public Offices

Research Officer at LNEC/DED/NAICI

Areas of Research / Interest

  • Daylighting and solar radiation in buildings.
  • Artificial lighting in buildings.
  • Energy Efficiency in buildings.
  • Metrology, quality and instrumentation in the fields Lighting.
  • Standardization in the Daylighting and Artificial Lighting domains.
  • Indoor environmental comfort in buildings.
  • Building Physics and Technology.

Research and Professional Activity

  • Research & Development (Programmed Research, Research by contract and participation in national and international R&D Projects in the domains of daylighting, artificial lighting and energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Diverse studies for various entities in the areas of daylighting, artificial lighting, photometry and energy efficiency in buildings.
  • Research & Development in applied metrology and quality management systems in the framework of the LNEC’s Laboratory of Photometry and Colorimetry

Scientific Orientation

  • Graduation Internship Supervisor
  • Masters Degree Supervisor

Relevant Publications

  • Gomes, M.G., Santos, A.J., Rodrigues, A.M. - "Solar and visible optical properties of glazing systems with venetian blinds: numerical, experimental and blind control study”. Building and Environment 71 (2014) 47- 59. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.buildenv.2013.09.003
  • Santos , A.J. - A Method for the Dynamic Characterisation of Daylighting in Mediterranean Climates. European Network of Building research Institutes (ENBRI) Webzine, July 2013.
  • Author and co-author of over 200 publications, including LNEC technical and scientific reports, scientific papers, congress communications, and other publications.
  • Author of about 500 test reports as head of the LNEC’s Laboratory of Photometry and Colorimetry.

Other scientific and technical Activities

  • Coordinator of the Laboratory of Photometry and Colorimetry (UFC) of LNEC.
  • Technical Expert in Technical Audits in the framework of the Quality System of Laboratory Units of LNEC-EM
  • Member of Technical Committees of Standardization: TC 151 - Thermal Performance of Buildings and TC 155 - Equipment for Roads (SC2: Vertical and horizontal signaling and SC5: Lighting).
  • Member of the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) - "Division 3: Indoor Environment and Lighting Design."
  • Member of the Board of the Portuguese Centre for Lighting (Scientific and Technical Department).
  • Examiner for degrees of Portuguese Universities.
  • Organization of Scientific and Technical Events
  • Frequency of about 80 scientific events (Congresses, Seminars, Workshops, etc.)
  • Participation in more than 50 Scientific Events (Congresses, Seminars, Workshops, etc.)
  • Graduation Internship supervisor.
  • Master's theses supervisor.

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