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Sónia Silva Antunes

Sónia Silva Antunes
Phone: 218 443 834

Professional Situation

  • Research Officer

Academic and Scientific Degrees

PhD in Sciences Applied to the Environment at Aveiro University with a dissertation entitled "Assessment of the acoustic environment in urban areas. Integration of qualitative aspects"(2011)

Master Degree in Engineering Physics at Faculty of Science of Lisbon University with a dissertation entitled "Methods for the calibration of audiometric equipment " (2002)

Degree in Engineering Physics. (UL/FCUL) (1993)

Functions and Relevant Public Offices

  • Research Officer at LNEC/DED/NAICI (2012)

Areas of Research / Interest

Environmental Acoustics and psychoacoustics (perception of environmental sounds)

Noise and vibration annoyance in buildings

Building acoustics

• Acoustical metrology

Standardization and Regulation in Acoustics

Research and Professional Activity

Research & Development (Programmed Research, Research by contract and participation in national and international R&D Projects in the domains of acoustics and noise annoyance

Diverse studies for various entities in the areas of environmental acoustics and vibrations in buildings

Research & Development in applied metrology and quality management systems in the framework of the LNEC’s Laboratory of acoustics and vibration in buildings

Scientific Orientation

Masters Degree Supervisor

Graduation Internship Supervisor

Relevant Publications

  • Antunes, Sónia Monteiro – Avaliação do Ambiente sonoro em zonas urbanas. Integração de aspectos qualitativos. PhD thesis. Aveiro University, October 2011, http://hdl.handle.net/10773/7039
  • Antunes, Sónia M. – Integração de aspetos qualitativos na avaliação do ambiente sonoro em zonas urbanas. Revista de Acústica, Vol. 43 / N.os 3 e 4, 3º e 4º Trimestres de 2012, Spanish Acoustical society http://www.sea-acustica.es/fileadmin/publicaciones/revista_VOL43_34_02.pdf
  • Pedersen, T.; Antunes, Sónia M.; Rasmussen, B. – Online listening tests on sound insulation of walls - A feasibility study. Proccedings of Euronoise 2012, 10-13 junho, Praga
  • Petersen, T.; Antunes, Sónia M. – SenseLabOnline listening test on sound insulation of walls. A feasibility study, SenseLab 012/12, DELTA, Hørsholm, Dinamarca, março 2012, http://www.madebydelta.com/imported/senselab/FR18303-04-SenseLab-listening-test-on-sound-insulation-of-walls-SenseLab-012-12.pdf
  • Antunes, Sónia M.; Patricio, J.; Samagaio, A. – Cognitive structure of individuals regarding road traffic noise: considerations about their application in global noise impact assessments. Internoise 2011, 4-7 de September , Osaka, Japan .
  • Antunes, Sónia M.; Patrício, Jorge – Linhas orientativas para o estabelecimento de programas de monitorização de infra-estruturas rodoviárias. Acústica 2008, 20 - 22 de October, Coimbra, Portugal. http://www.sea-acustica.es/fileadmin/publicaciones/Coimbra08_id179.pdf
  • Antunes, Sónia Monteiro – Audiometria de sons puros, Qualirama, nº 58/59, Nov/Dec 1999 - jan/fev 2000, IPQ, Portugal, p. 33-37

Other scientific and technical Activities

  • Member of the Executive Board of the Portuguese Acoustical Society since 2002
  • Member of Technical Committees of Standardization CT 28 – Acoustics and coordinator of the Subcommittee 1 (Physical acoustics and phycoacoustics)
  • Member of the technical study group 9 of the International Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE)
  • Coordinator of the Acoustics and vibration in buildings laboratory (UAVE) of LNEC
  • Participation in organizing committees of national and international congress
  • Participation as reviewer in audits in calibration and testing laboratory in the field of acoustics and vibration (ISO 17025

Other Information

  • 2nd Place SPA (Portuguese Society of Acoustics) AWARD - 2011- biennium 2012, with the submission of the thesis” Assessment of the acoustic environment in urban areas. Integration of qualitative aspects"

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