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Structures Department Structures Department
Structural Behaviour Unit
Structural Behaviour Unit


NCE activity consists in developing R&D projects and in expert consulting. With its experienced and multidisciplinary team, NCE supports construction and rehabilitation industry, manufacturers and public or private entities, namely through:
  • Studies on structural behaviour, pathology, rehabilitation and safety;
  • Technical support for design, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of buildings, as well as monitoring their structural behaviour;
  • Development and assessment (Homologation Documents - DH, European Technical Approvals - ETA; Application Documents - DA) of construction products and systems, namely prefabricated houses;
  • Characterization (DC - Classification Documents) and quality control of reinforcing and prestressing steel for concrete;
  • Assessment of the efficacy of preservative products and treatments for timber and other biomaterials against fungi and insects;
  • Characterization and verification of the mechanical resistance, stability and durability of materials and structural components, in the scope of inspection activities of construction works;
  • Collaboration in activities of advanced training and dissemination, standardization and certification.

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