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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department

Projects - NATO PO-FLOOD RISK PROJECT: Dam-break flood risk management in Portugal
The NATO Project was developed in the context of an integrated methodology for dam-break flood risk and safety management at downstream valleys and encompassed five sub-projects: Sub-project 1 (Hydraulic Analysis and Computational Simulations), developed new computational models for a better dam-break flood prediction and zoning; Sub-project 2 (Dam and Reservoir Safety Analysis) prepared design criteria for practical dam-break analysis, dam rupture scenarios, including initial hydrologic conditions, to satisfy dam safety legislation; Sub-project 3 (Land-use, Safety Management and Civil Protection) developed research studies related to the social impact of dam failure risk and downstream land-use and risk management; Sub-project 4 (Computer Aided-Decision Support System) implemented an advanced decision support system (DSS) to be used for dam-break flood safety management; Sub-project 5 (Experimental Integrated Emergency System and Training) had prepared the final specific products on the project including final field exercises and tests, the implementation of a crisis management system and the actions for training and dissemination of knowledge.

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