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Materials Department Materials Department

Constança Alcântara Marta

Constança Alcântara Marta
Phone: 218 443 254

Professional Situation

Higher Technical

Academic and Scientific Degrees

Degree in Chemistry branch Environment and Quality Engineering, on Higher Institute of Engineering of Lisbon (ISEL), in 2003.

Research and Professional Activity

It is inserted in the Laboratory accredited called laboratory testing and metrology (LNEC-IN), the operating unit (OU) of concrete and cement-area chemical tests (UBC-EQA), as the head of technical equipment (RE) and quality of performer technician (ET) tests the fly ash and cement, for granting and monitoring of the national mark of conformity with the NP EN 197-1: 2012.

Other scientific and technical Activities

Performs laboratory tests to various construction materials, using the following techniques of chemical analysis: gravimetry, volumetry, flame photometry, spectrophotometry, ion chromatography. Collaborates in preparation of studies and optimization of analytical methods and further editing of technical specifications. Provides experimental support for study work and guides trainees, as regards in particular the implementation of experimental work. Uses information technology as database, spreadsheet and word processing, and testing techniques and equipment manuals in English.

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