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Planning, Traffic and Safety Unit
Planning, Traffic and Safety Unit

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Road Traffic Equipments and Analysis Laboratory

The activity developed by the Road Traffic Equipments and Analysis Laboratory (UETRAF) consists in collecting and managing information referring to the operation of the road transport system, particularly as regards those aspects related with mobility, safety, economy and environment, which require the collection and processing of different data related with roads, the national vehicle fleet, accidents, traffic and complementary information.

The activity of UETRAF is broken down into three major lines: testing of roads; collection of relevant public information and management of the data collected. This data is subject to validation, organization and structuring into data bases appropriate for the support to the execution of traffic observation studies in their various aspects.

UETRAF is equipped with apparatuses for performing the analysis of road traffic (inductive, magnetic, radar and LIDAR sensors), with image collection and automatic image processing video equipment, as well as with geographic referencing equipment.

The activity developed at UETRAF is basically aimed at providing support to LNEC planned research studies and to research studies under contract, at the request of external bodies.

Cristina Pereira Sousa
Cristina Pereira Sousa

Phone: 218 443 537
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