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Capítulo de Livro
Info Structural gluing of portugueses timbers
Info The role of sustainable urban mobility plans and ICT to improve public space for social inclusion
Info Walking as tactile method in urban planning and design
Info Development of soft sensors based on analytical and spectral data on a real small size wastewater treatment plant
Info Digital tools for capturing user’s needs on urban open spaces: Drawing lessons from cyberparks project
Info Os revestimentos e os acabamentos do Centro Histórico de Coimbra. Um contributo para o seu estudo
Info Resiliência e gestão do risco no turismo
Info Elastic and inelastic analyses of frames with a force-based higher-order 3D beam element accounting for axial-flexural-sheartorsional interaction
Info 20 anos da História da Água em Portugal
Info Água, ecossistemas aquáticos e actividade humana - PROWATERMAN