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Capítulo de Livro
Renovação da Marca de Qualidade Qualicoat, 2011. Inspecção de 14-07-2011 à empresa J. Silva & Cª. - Licença P-822
Info Chapter 12: Economic and operational aspects
Info Methodology used for comparing two locations for the new Lisbon Airport based on the impacts son surface water
Info Positioning systems for bed profiling in hydraulics physical models
Info A finite-fault modeling of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake sources
Info Bem-estar e conforto ambiental no interior habitacional
Info Bem-estar e tipos de soluções habitacionais
Info Bem-estar na envolvente residencial
Info Evaluating the geomorphologic stability of an estuarine sandy beach. Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Info Groundwater artificial recharge solutions for integrated management of watersheds and aquifer systems under extreme drought scenarios