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Projects - ELEVAR - Study of Vertical Structures with Robotized Aircrafts
The project "ELEVAR - Study of Vertical Structures with Robotized Aircrafts", has as its main objective the development of an aircraft for an autonomous photogrammetric surveys of vertical surfaces, namely of dam walls, bridge, pillars, and facades of buildings and monuments.

The photographs obtained will support the visual inspections carried out in the scope of monitoring and safety control of civil engineering works. The aircraft will navigate through stereoscopic cameras, sensors and dedicated algorithms that allow the autonomous positioning and three-dimensional reconstruction of the structures without the aid of GNSS systems in areas of poor signal coverage or where high precision is required. The photographic surveys will be carried out with a distinct, high-definition camera, aided by a system that allows to acquire images at the desired moment.
The project aims to deliver a functional prototype obtained from the integration of the technologies and know-how that the consortium partners possess. The project will end with a demonstration activity with the ambition of giving visibility to the ELEVAR solution and attracting the investments of the target sectors, namely possible end-users, service providing companies, social media, etc.


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