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Buildings Department Buildings Department

Buildings Department

Jorge Grandão Lopes
Jorge Grandão Lopes
Diretor de Unidade Departamental
LNEC’s Buildings Department (DED), established in 1971, carries out Scientific Research, Experimental Development and Innovation (R&D&I) activities in the field of buildings and built environment, which embraces a wide range of aspects such as: building products, elements and facilities; environmental comfort; building economy and management; construction technology and methods; maintenance and rehabilitation of the built patrimony; risk and safety; as well as the interaction between society and built environment.

For the 2013-2020 period, the activity of the Department is broken down into four major areas:

 Building performance and quality in construction

 Sustainable construction technologies

 Socio-territorial development and innovation 

 Building economy and management

To operate in the areas above, the Department is organised into the four units as follows: