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Materials Department Materials Department

Materials Department

The Materials Department (DM) develops R&D&I activities in the areas as follows: characterisation, performance, development and application of building materials, in particular concrete and its components, hydraulic mortars, bituminous binders, plastics, composites of a polymeric matrix, organic coatings, metals, rock and ceramics; study of the degradation and conservation of materials in the built patrimony, particularly those integrated in the historical heritage. Furthermore, the Department provides support to construction industry by carrying out standardisation, regulation and certification activities.
DM is also equipped with high-level testing facilities, in support to R&D&I activities and to the execution of studies and expert reports under contract. The Department is also responsible for co-ordinating LNEC’s participation in the research infrastructure IPERION-CH.pt (Integrated Platform for the European Research Infrastructure ON Culture Heritage) on cultural heritage, which is part of FCT’s national Roadmap.

The Materials Department is organised into the four units as follows:
  • Concrete, Stone and Ceramics Unit
  • Organic Materials Unit
  • Metallic Materials Unit
  • Construction Quality Unit


DURATINET – DURABLE TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE ATLANTIC AREA. The project’s main purpose is to launch the work network DURATINET to facilitate the exchange and transfer of knowledge about durability, safety and sustainability of transport infrastructures in the Atlantic area, by ultimately contributing to turn these regions into more attractive places to live and work and to establish more competitive commercial relationships. DURATINET – DURABLE TRANSPORT INFRASTRUCTURE IN THE ATLANTIC AREA.