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The basic purpose of LNEC Library, a documentation centre specialised in civil engineering and like sciences, is to provide support to LNEC expert staff in their scientific research and technological development studies within LNEC’s activity field.

From a viewpoint of dissemination of knowledge, it permits the access, for consultation, to its bibliographic collection to all persons interested, even those outside the institution. However, the borrowing of documents is not available for users outside LNEC, except within the framework of inter-library agreements.

LNEC Library has about 150,000 volumes, of which 25,000 are LNEC publications including reports, 30,000 standards and 2,400 titles of magazines obtained either by purchase or by exchange with about 1,000 kindred bodies all over the world.

The Library is located at Building Manuel Rocha on LNEC campus.

Library Catalog