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Time Capsule

During the celebrations of LNEC’s 60th Anniversary, it was decided to bequeath a testimony to the year 2046 - when LNEC will be 100 years old – thus preserving for the Future, information that would otherwise be lost in time.

So a Time Capsule was designed with the poem "Padrão” from Fernando Pessoa’s piece "Mensagem” inscripted on it, as a symbol of LNEC’s journey.

The Time Capsule contents, among others, greetings from the President of the Portuguese Republic and the Ministry of Public Works to the year 2046, testimonies, interviews and photographs of LNEC’s workers, movies and multimedia presentations on LNEC’s general activities, a laptop computer and the due equipment with software and instructions required to be operated in 2046, newspapers from November 12th  and 13th, 2007, daily use objects, such as ball point pens and an assiduity card, written statements of LNEC’s workers, drawings made by LNEC’s kindergarten children.