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3D model testing of the breakwater of Lajes harbour 3D model testing of the breakwater of Lajes harbour

LNEC is carrying out tests on a three-dimensional physical model of the design solution for the reconstruction of the breakwater of Lajes harbour, Flores Island, Azores. 

The solution undergoing testing was proposed by the design company MSW – Estudos e Projetos de Obras Marítimas and the project owner is Portos dos Açores, S.A. who, in close collaboration with LNEC and MSW, is accompanying tests, in order to find the best solutions for the harbour of Lajes das Flores.

The tests aim to verify the behaviour of the proposed solution from the point of view of stability and overtopping of the new protection structures, as well as to characterize the new shelter conditions, to be able to infer about aspects related to port operability. 

These tests also allow for an evaluation of the pressures on the crown wall and to confirm the criteria that presided over the elaboration of the design project.

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