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C2IMPRESS project - 1st General Assembly C2IMPRESS project - 1st General Assembly

Collaboratively carried by sixteen partners from different backgrounds, the C2IMPRESS project aims at improving the understanding and awareness of natural disasters (mainly coastal and fluvial floods, heatwaves, forest fires, landslides and earthquakes) and the multidimensional impacts they generate on a given territory.

The EU-funded C2IMPRESS project aims to move the discussion away from the traditional ‘hazard-centric’ approach to a novel ‘place and people’-centred integrated multi-hazard risk and resilient assessment framework.

The highlights from the two days event were the sessions at the 1st General Assembly Meeting and the Public-Private-Civic-Partnership (PPCP) Workshop. The PPCP aims to promote the participation of public, private, and civil society stakeholders in the debate around resilience to natural disasters.
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