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LNEC presents "Almada Resiliente" Seismic Risk Study LNEC presents "Almada Resiliente" Seismic Risk Study

On March 1st, International Civil Protection Day, five LNEC researchers presented the Seismic Risk Study, in Almada, as part of the "Almada Resiliente" programme.

This study, developed by LNEC in collaboration with Almada City Council, is part of a prevention strategy by the Municipal Civil Protection Service.

The aim is to gather scientific knowledge that will support the preparation of emergency and rescue plans and actions, supporting decision-making in possible interventions and programmes for seismic rehabilitation and reinforcement, and also improving the population's response.

The work also focuses on emergency scenarios, identifying the most vulnerable areas, estimating material damage, assessing vital infrastructures such as fire stations, hospitals, health centres, schools and access routes, and in the knowledge of the behaviour to adopt in the event of an earthquake.

Filipe Ribeiro, LNEC's researcher who was part of this study, reinforces that Almada is one of the regions of the country with the highest seismic risk: "The areas subject to greater damage were identified, which allows civil protection to adapt its plans and identify the types with greater vulnerability in the Municipality, which could be the target of priority intervention”. Roads that could eventually become inoperable due to debris resulting from non-building damage were identified.

For Laura Caldeira, President of LNEC's Board of Directors, "This study is of great relevance and an example of institutional collaboration at the service of the community for the development of appropriate intervention and protection policies for the region, as well as providing information and tools for urban planning".

Inês Medeiros, Mayor of Almada, establishes that "Almada Resiliente represents a significant milestone in the commitment to the safety and resilience of the territory", which was also attended by the Secretary of State for Civil Protection, Patrícia Gaspar.

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