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RUN - Naturalized Urban River RUN - Naturalized Urban River

LNEC is a parter of research project RUN - Naturalized Urban Rivers with the study on "The social and urban memory of urban rivers”.

RUN (https://cyted.org/es/run) aims to create an open, dynamic and sustainable exchange platform dedicated to foster paradigmatic change in the treatment of urban rivers, with the consequent identification of ways to design (new) city-building strategies – with local communities and from the territories in which they operate.

RUN is financed by CYTED - Ibero-American Program of Science and Technology for Development and led by the Department of Urbanism at Universidade Lusófona, in Lisbon. RUN has the cooperation of 15 research and education entities from 2 European countries and 6 South American countries, comprising 70 researchers.

RUN organizes the cycle of webinars RIOS URBANOS, part of the Urban Thinkers Campus Program of the World Urban Campaign (WUC) of UN-HABITAT.
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