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LNEC – Testing and Metrology (LNEC EM) is the organizational structure of LNEC that includes the different testing laboratories of LNEC. This structure arose from the need of standardization and homogenization of operating procedures on the different test and metrological laboratories of the departmental units of LNEC.

LNEC-EM has a Quality Management System, accredited by the Portuguese Institute for Accreditation (IPAC), according to the reference standard NP EN ISO / IEC 17025.

The different laboratories have competencies in the different domains of civil engineering, and highly qualified people and equipment to perform the latest tests. Currently, LNEC-EM features 32 laboratories (UO), of which 11 perform accredited tests and calibrations.

The Quality Manager of LNEC-EM is the Research Officer Álvaro Ribeiro.