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Materials Department Materials Department

Susana Bravo

Phone: 218 443 236

Professional Situation

Research Officer

Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • 2008:    Doctor Degree in Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Minho, with a dissertation on "Durability of polymeric composite materials reinforced with fibres, used on the rehabilitation of concrete structures”.
  • 2001:    Master Degree in Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Minho, with a dissertation on "Characterization of the interfaces in composite materials with thermoplastic matrix reinforced with long glass fibres”.
  • 1992:    Chemical Engineering Degree, NOVA University of Lisbon

Functions and Relevant Public Offices

  • Research Office, since December 2008
  • Research Assistant (2001/2008)
  • Research Trainee (1998/2001)
  • Research Scholarship (1994/1998).

Areas of Research / Interest

  • Characterization and behaviour assessment of construction materials with organic nature, namely, plastics, polymeric composites and coatings (paints and varnishes).
  • Durability and performance of organic materials used in construction.
  • Pathology analysis related to organic materials used in construction.
  • Studies related with the utilization of organic coatings in the prevention and mitigation of pathologies in structures (made by concrete, metal, wood and new materials).

Research and Professional Activity

  • Its activity has developed, since 1994, in the three large areas of LNEC’s activity: (i) the planned research; (ii) studies and projects by contract and (iii) other scientific and technical activities.
  • (i)    Participation in successive LNEC programs of scheduled scientific research (quaternary) and in several research projects (two European and five Portuguese). A list of projects can be found on detailed CV in DeGóis platform. Within the scope of the planned research, the signatory has been responsible (since 2008) for coordinating the project "Performance of polymeric composite materials used in structural applications”, which highlights the work done under the guidance of master and doctoral thesis, in partnership with Technical University of Lisbon. As a result of this activity is the author or co-author of 11 articles, a chapter of a book and about 30 communications in national and international conferences.
  • (ii)    Participation in dozens of studies and contract research projects, some of them in collaboration with other LNEC sectors. As a result of this activity, the signatory is the author or co-author of about 150 technical and scientific reports, most of them confidential.
  • (iii)    Collaboration, since its initial formation (1994), in the accredited laboratory, integrated into the sector where the signatory exerts its activity, including technical and organizational responsibilities Currently, is substitute of the Coordinator of the Operative Unit UMROC (Unit of Organic Materials and Coatings for Construction), included in the LNEC’s Accredited Laboratory, LNEC-EM (Laboratory of Tests and Metrology).

Scientific Orientation

  • Guidance of ten master’s theses (one of them in progress) and a doctorate (also in progress) in the area of Civil Engineering.

Relevant Publications

Stand out the following publications, that the signatory was author ( a full list can be found on detailed CV id Degóis platform):
  • S. Cabral-Fonseca, M.C. Paiva, J.P. Nunes, C.A. Bernardo – "A novel technique for the interfacial characterisation of glass fibre-polypropylene systems”, Polymer Testing, 22 (2003), 907-913.
  • S. Cabral-Fonseca, J.P. Nunes, M.P. Rodrigues, I. Eusébio  – "Durability of carbon fibre reinforced polymer laminates used to reinforced concrete structures”, Science and Engineering Composite Materials, 18 (2011), 201-207.
  • S. Cabral-Fonseca, J.R. Correia, M.P. Rodrigues, F.A. Branco – "Artificial accelerated ageing of GFRP pultruded profiles made of polyester and vinylester resins: Characterisation of physical-chemical and mechanical damage”, Strain, 48 (2012), 162-173.
  • J. Custódio, S. Cabral-Fonseca – "Advanced fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for the rehabilitation of timber and concrete structures: assessing strength and durability”, Cap. 22 form the book "Advanced Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites for Structural Applications”, Woodhead Publishing Limited, 2103.

Other scientific and technical Activities

  • Collaboration, since 2012, as expert in the Portuguese Technical Committee for Standardization CT 155 "Road Equipment”, Subcommittee SC 2: "Horizontal and vertical marking”.
  • Currently is member of the Coordination Committee of the Technical Assessment of Construction Products in LNEC.
  • Participation as discussant on several master degree juris.
  • Participation as reviewer, by request of various international scientific journals.

Other Information

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