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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department

Studies - EDIA - Forecast of investment needs in rehabilitation
EDIA -  Empresa de Desenvolvimento e Infra-estruturas do Alqueva, S.A. requested LNEC support, during 2019, for the extension to the entire irrigation system of the methodology, established by LNEC in 2018, to forecast investment needs in rehabilitation, in a global and long-term perspective. In line with the asset management principles, the current value of the infrastructure was determine. Alternative courses of action for investment in rehabilitation were analyzed, regarding their contribution the service sustainability. These infrastructures (such as dams, pipelines, hydraulic pumps or mobility infrastrucuture) have very
different asset typologies and useful lives.

Coordinated by the Urban Water Unit, the project included researchers from 5 LNEC departments (Hydraulics and Environment, Concrete Dams, Geotechnics, Materials and Transportation), given the multidisciplinary skills required.

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