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Transportation Department Transportation Department


The DT – Departamento de Transportes (Transportation Department), one of LNEC department units, was created in 1979 under the designation of  Transportation Netwoks Department.
Present problems concerning those activity areas are addressed at DT, which are posed both by public and private entities, or within the scope of research financed by national or international programs. In the case of transport infrastructures a special focus is put on the assessment of the structural and functional performance of pavements and railways, namely through laboratory testing, on site evaluation and condition monitoring campaigns, as well as physical and numerical modeling. As regards transportation systems and traffic operations, including environmental and socioeconomic impacts appraisal, the use of information systems, the collection and processing of large data sets, simulation techniques, mathematical modeling and statistical analysis are important tools.

Currently the DT has around 35 staff belonging to different professional careers, including fellows. They are allocated to two units: the "Transport Infrastructures Unit” (NIT) and the "Planning, Traffic and Safety Unit” (NPTS), having laboratory units linked to each of them, respectively the "Pavement Materials for Transport Infrastructures” (UPAVMAT) and the "Road Traffic Equipment and Analysis” (UETRAF).