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Structures Department Structures Department


Through the Director of the Structures Department, LNEC is represented in several national and foreign bodies, Technical Commissions and Working Groups, related to the scope of its competences, among which the following stand out:

  • Delegate of Portugal to the technical committee of CEN / TC 250 Structural Eurocodes
  • Delegate of Portugal at CEN / TC 250 / SC 10 Eurocode - Basis of structural design
  • Vice-President of CT 115 - Eurocódigos Estruturais
  • President of CT 115 / SC 10 - Eurocódigos – Bases para o Projeto de Estruturas
  • Representative of LNEC in the administration of rpee - Portuguese Journal of Structural Engineering
  • LNEC representative at SERQ's general assembly - Centro de Inovação e Competências da Floresta