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Structures Department Structures Department
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Unit
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics Unit


The NESDE strategic research is evidenced in:

Earthquake Engineering

Studies of seismic action characterization. Probabilistic seismic hazard analysis; Numerical modelling of seismic scenarios at local or regional scale; Stochastic numerical modelling of strong ground motion.
Seismic risk assessment. Development and updating of modules in a seismic scenarios simulator (LNECloss - a package of routines integrated in a GIS) used in seismic risk studies of urban regions and evaluation of optimized strategies for seismic risk mitigation through cost-effective (or cost-benefit) analyses.
Studies to assess the seismic vulnerability of important structural systems (e.g. buildings and bridges) using performed based methodologies with performance levels and objectives previously defined. These studies are based on the in situ experimental determination of the dynamic behaviour of the structures and on the subsequent analytical evaluation of compliance with a framework of performance requirements, expressed in terms of deformation capacity of the structural elements, for seismic scenarios with different intensities. Such procedures are essential in seismic vulnerability assessment and in the implementation of reinforcement solutions for the mitigation of seismic vulnerability for one or more performance objectives established.
Support for drafting national and European seismic regulations. EC8 European Technical Secretariat; Contribution to the implementation of EC8 in Portugal; Recommendations for the design of special structures; Specific recommendations for the repair and seismic reinforcement of structures.
R&D&I experimental studies. Seismic testing up to imminent collapse in the scope of assisted development of reinforcement techniques and seismic rehabilitation of complete structures close to the real scale (1:1.5 to 1:2) or full scale substructures; Seismic tests for experimental assessment and assisted development of passive systems and mitigation of semi-active seismic stresses in structures.
Seismic qualification studies. Dynamic tests of equipment and components for the manufacturing industry and electric power distribution.
Development, updating and maintenance of the seismic tests facility. Development and updating of hardware and software modules related to the control of shake tables and the monitoring of tested structures.

Wind Engineering

Aerodynamic stability evaluation of several works of art.
Characterization of wind action on non-conventional structures of various types.
Assessment of outdoor discomfort / insecurity due to wind.
Characterization of atmospheric flow and evaluation of wind potential.
Operation and updating of wind tunnels.
Vulnerability assessment studies of structures and mitigation solutions for extreme wind actions.
Natural ventilation studies.