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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department
Estuaries and Coastal Zone Unit
Estuaries and Coastal Zone Unit
Luís Ivens Portela
Luís Ivens Portela
Head of Unit / Senior Researcher


The Estuaries and Coastal Zones Division (NEC) is a unit of the Hydraulics and Environment Department that undertakes applied research in the domains of hydrodynamics, sediment transport and water quality in estuaries, coastal lagoons, beaches and the marine environment.

The division also provides advanced technical consultancy services (supported by R&D&I), in response to requests aimed at solving specific problems, whether related to the environment, infrastructure or risk.

Our research addresses challenges in various areas:
Beach dynamics, protection and rehabilitation;
Management of coastal risks including erosion and flooding;
Morphodynamics and stability of tidal inlets;
Improved design of estuarine and coastal infrastructure;
Maintenance of ports, harbours and navigation channels;
Assessment and prediction of water quality in estuaries;
Prediction and monitoring of oil spills at sea.

The division has an experienced and multidisciplinary team, with a detailed knowledge of coastal processes. The studies and projects are mainly developed using advanced numerical models, but also physical models, test facilities and fieldwork.

With more than 50 years of experience in studies in coastal systems around the world – from the beaches of Rio de Janeiro to the coast of Luanda, from the Tagus estuary to the Pearl River delta –, we help our partners and clients to find efficient and sustainable solutions, consistent with the natural processes.