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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department
Urban Water Unit
Urban Water Unit


The Urban Water Unit has infrastructures and laboratory equipment within its operational unit UQTA - Water Quality and Treatment Laboratory, to perform i) water and wastewater analyses,  ii) chlorine decay studies and discolouration loose deposits characterization in distribution systems and iii) pilot- and bench-scale assays for effectiveness and efficiency optimisation of conventional  or advanced  (waste)water treatment processes.

Field devices are also available for water quality monitoring, water sampling and wastewater drainage systems inspection.

Laboratory Facilities
Chemistry Lab Chemistry Lab
Microbiology Lab Microbiology Lab

Water treatment testing facilities
Jar test Jar test
Adsorption/biofiltration systems (BAC) Adsorption/biofiltration systems (BAC)
Lab scale membrane units Lab scale membrane units
Pilot scale membrane units Pilot scale membrane units
Pilot-scale clarifiers Pilot-scale clarifiers

Equipment for water quality testing in distribution systems
Vis Spectrophotometer Vis Spectrophotometer
Epifluorescence microscope Epifluorescence microscope

Relevant equipment for water analyses
TOC analyser TOC analyser
UV-Vis Spectrophotometer UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Spectrofluorometer Spectrofluorometer

Field devices
Refrigerated sampler Refrigerated sampler
Chlorine analyser Chlorine analyser
Udometer Udometer
Multiparametric analyser Multiparametric analyser