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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department

Manuel Mendes Oliveira

Manuel Mendes Oliveira
Phone: 218 443 436

Professional Situation

Research officer

Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • Ph.D. in Geology (Hydrogeology), by the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, 2004. Title of the dissertation: "Groundwater recharge: Assessment methodologies".
  • Master in Economical and Applied Geology, by the Geology Department of the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, 1993. Title of the dissertation: "Groundwater flow modelling and interpretation of groundwater pumping tests in fractured media".
  • Degree in Economical and Applied Geology, by the University of Lisbon, 1989.

Functions and Relevant Public Offices

  • Research Officer at LNEC, since March 2005.
  • Research Assistant at LNEC, since July 1999.
  • Research Trainee at LNEC, since November 1992; equivalence to the degree of "Research Assistant" of LNEC, January 1994.
  • Master research Trainee of "Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica” (JNICT) between 1990 and 1992.
  • Research Trainee for Youngs of "Instituto Nacional de Investigação Científica” (INIC) between 1989 and 1990.

Areas of Research / Interest

  • Numerical modelling of flow and transport in the vadose and in the saturated zone.
  • Regional hydrogeological studies.
  • Assessment of groundwater recharge and groundwater resources availability.
  • Geographical data modelling in water resources.
  • Water resources and River Basin Management Plans.
  • Assessment of groundwater status, vulnerability and risk to pollution
  • Climate change impacts on groundwater resources

Research and Professional Activity

  • Development of activity on the following areas: local and regional hydrogeological studies, flow numerical modelling, numerical model programming on hydrogeology, following and interpretation of groundwater pumping tests, piezometry and in situ physicochemical  monitoring and groundwater sampling, groundwater databases, groundwater recharge and vulnerability to pollution assessment; hydrogeological data modelling, groundwater risk assessment, application of the Water Framework Directive, development of hydrogeology related maps, GIS user, following drilling of boreholes, area delineation and classification of the hazard potential of dams.
  • Participation on 28 planned research projects for LNEC, European Commission (international dimension), Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Water Institute, General Directorate for Environment Quality
  • Participation on 48 studies under contract for national or regional administration entities, local administration, national private companies and international organisms.
  • Coordination or co-ordination of 20 projects.
  • Preparation or collaboration of 63 proposals of studies.
  • Activity dissemination through 59 oral presentations in scientific meetings, and 8 lectures.

Scientific Orientation

Scientific guidance of two master thesis, three graduation stages and eleven project collaborators.

Relevant Publications

Publishing activity is spread over 310 publications as follows:
  • 1 Ph.D. Thesis
  • 1 Master dissertation
  • 89 LNEC Reports
  • 122 LNEC Reports (without serial number)
  • 20 Books or book chapters
  • 90 Publications in scientific meetings
  • 17 Papers in national and international journals
  • 1 Poster presented in na international scientific meeting
  • 4 Technical notes

Other scientific and technical Activities

  • Organisation of 12 scientific events
  • Participation on 72 conferences or seminars
  • Attendance of 15 training activities
  • Participation in 1 PhD and 2 Master degree juries
  • Member of juries of three LNEC competitions and one Portuguese Water Resources Association (APRH) prize
  • Member of the scientific commission of 2 international congresses and 1 national seminar
  • Translation of technical abstracts of the Hydrogeology Journal into Portuguese
  • Revision of scientific papers
  • Vowel of the Executive Board of the Portuguese Water Resources Association (APRH) during the 2014-2015 biennium, member of the Groundwater Specialised Committee (CEAS) of APRH since March 2006, member of the Finance Council of APRH since March 2016
  • APRH representative in the Tagus and West Hydrographic Basin Council

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