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Hydraulics and Environment Department Hydraulics and Environment Department

Paula Rebelo Vieira

Paula Rebelo Vieira
Phone: 218 443 848

Professional Situation

Research Officer

Academic and Scientific Degrees

  • 2009 – PhD in Environmental Sciences and Technology, University of Algarve, Portugal.
  • 2001 – MSc. in Sanitary Engineering, New University of Lisbon, Portugal.
  • 1994 – Graduate in Chemical Engineeing, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal.

Areas of Research / Interest

  • Efficient use of water in supply systems
  • Water quality and treatment of drinking water (performance assessment, modelling, quality control)

Research and Professional Activity

Some relevant research projects:
  • Identification of the causes of scaling in Mendacha water supply system (2021-2022)
  • Performance assessment of HCB water treatment plants (2020-2021)
  • Methodology for water efficiency auditing in residential buildings (2020)
  • Support to the operation of Songo cooling tower (2018-2020)
  • iPerdas – Initiative for efficient control of water-energy losses in supply systems (2013-2015)
  • iWIDGET - Improved water efficiency through ICT technologies for integrated supply-demand side management (2012-2015)
  • PREPARED – Enabling change (2010-2013)
  • PAST21 – The Portuguese initiative for performance assessment of water and wastewater treatment plants (2009-2011)
  • Optimization study of Águas do Algarve water treatment plants (2007-2009)
  • TECHNEAU – Technology enabled universal access to safe water (2006-2010)
  • Performance Assessment of water and wastewater treatment plants (2005-2009)
  • CARE W – Computer Aided REhabilitation of Water networks (2001-2004)
  • Efficient use of water (2000-2005)

Relevant Publications

  • Vieira P., Alegre H., Poças A., Cardoso P., Santos P., Newton F. (2021). Water efficiency in residential buildings. Test of an auditing methodology in real cases. 15th Portuguese Water Congress.
  • Vieira, P., Alexandre, C., Benoliel, M.J. (2018). Standardization supporting the approval of products in contact with drinking water. 14th Portuguese Water Congress.
  • Vieira P., Jorge C., Covas D. (2018). Efficiency assessment of household water use. Urban Water Journal. 15(5). pp 407-417.
  • Vieira P., Jorge C., Covas D. (2017). Assessment of household water use efficiency using performance indices. Resources, Conservation and Recycling. 116. 94-106.
  • Jorge C., Vieira P., Rebelo M., Covas D. (2015). Assessment of water use efficiency in the household using cluster analysis. Proceedia engineering. 119. 820-827
  • Loureiro D., Rebelo M., Mamade A., Vieira P., Ribeiro R. (2015). Linking water consumption smart metering with census data to improve demand management. Water Science & Technology: Water Supply. 15(6). 1405-1413.
  • Vieira P., Barateiro J., Loureiro D., Coelho J., Mamade A. (2015). An approach for full scale off-line testing to evaluate the iWIDGET system performance. 36th IAHR World Congress.
  • Almeida M.C., Strehl C., Vieira P., Mälzer H.-J., Cardoso M.A. (2015). Guidance on Water Cycle Safety Planning risk treatment steps. In Climate Change, Water Supply and Sanitation: Risk Assessment, Management, Mitigation and Reduction. Eds. Adriana Hulsmann, Gesche Grützmacher, Gerard van den Berg, Wolfgang Rauch, Anders Lynggaard Jensen, Victor Popovych, Mario Rosario, Lydia S. Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia and Dragan A. Savić. IWA Publishing. London. ISBN 9781780404998. pp. 114-116
  • Loureiro D., Vieira P., Makropoulos C., Kossieris P., Ribeiro R., Barateiro J., Katsiri E. (2014). Smart metering use cases to increase water and energy efficiency in water supply systems. Water Science and Tchnology:Water Supply. 14(5).  898-908.
  • Almeida M. C., Vieira P., Smeets P. (2014). Extending the urban water safety plan concept to the water cycle. Water Policy. 16. 298-322.
  • Vieira P., Loureiro D., Ribeiro R., Barateiro J., Rebelo M., Coelho S. (2014). Innovative smart metering based applications for water utilities.  IWA World Water Congress.
  • Almeida M. C., Cardoso M. A., Vieira P., Luís A., Martins B., Martins V., Aprisco P., Rodrigues A., Martins J., Alves R., David C., Telhado M. J., Baltazar S., Fernandes F., Azevedo L. (2014). Water cycle safety planning: demonstration in the city of Lisbon. IWA World Water Congress.
  • Vieira P., Rosa M. J., Alegre H., Lucas H. (2010). Assessing the operational performance of water treatment plants – Focus on water quality and removal efficiency.    IWA World Water Congress.
  • Vieira P. (2009). Performance assessment of water treatment plants. PhD thesis. University of Algarve.
  • Vieira P., Alegre H., Rosa M. J., Lucas H. (2008). Drinking water treatment plants assessment through performance indicators. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply. 8(3). 245-253.Vieira P., Almeida M.C., Baptista J.M., Ribeiro R. (2007). Household water use: a Portuguese field study. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply. 7(5-6). 193-202.
  • Almeida M.C., Vieira P., Ribeiro R., Andrade M. (2005). Needs and barriers in technical regulations and standards for the efficient use of water: situation in Brazil and Portugal. Water Science and Technology: Water Supply. 5(3-4). 209-217.
  • Almeida M.C., Baptista J.M., Vieira P., Ribeiro R., Moura e Silva A. (2004). Efficient use of water in Portugal: a national program. IWA World Water Congress.
  • Vieira P., Coelho S., Loureiro D. (2004). Accounting for the influence of initial chlorine concentration, TOC, iron and temperature when modelling chlorine decay in water supply. Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology-AQUA. 53(7). 453-467.

Other scientific and technical Activities

  • Reviewer for 10 international scientific journals
  • Expert in CEN/TC164/WG9 – Chemicals and filtering media for water treatment

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