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Studies - Road safety audit of road design schemes
This study aimed at the assessment of the applicability of the checklists included in the Manual published by LNEC in 2001 to the Portuguese context and at the identification of possible improvements to the Manual content.

The Road Safety Audit of road design schemes (RSA) is an aprioristic instrument in road safety intervention management foreseen by the Directive 2008/96/EC of the Parliament and the European Council. According to the Manual’s definition, the RSA "comprises a set of procedures designed to incorporate in an explicit and formal way knowledge and information on road safety in road planning and design, with the aim of mitigating the risk of accidents and reducing their consequences”

In this study road safety audits were carried out to the detailed design of the EN 120 bypass at Aljezur and to the preliminary of the IC3 stretch between Almeirim and Chamusca. The Manual control lists are fully applicable to the design of National Road Network shemes.

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