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Transport Infrastructures Unit
Transport Infrastructures Unit
Ana Cristina Freire
Ana Cristina Freire


The Transport Infrastructures Unit (NIT) is a research unit of LNEC's Transportation Department. It carries out studies in the fields of pavements and railway transport infrastructures and their foundations, particularly as regards the aspects as follows:

Characterization, evaluation and analysis of materials performance, including non-traditional materials, such as recycled materials and industrial by-products;
Observation, modelling and evaluation of the structural and functional behaviour of transport infrastructures;
Definition of criteria and pavement design methods and support to the design and lay-out of railway lines;
 Studies related to maintenance, rehabilitation and renewal of transport infrastructures;
Support to the quality management of transport infrastructures projects, including the analysis and management of procedures and the preparation of technical and management documents, in the various stages of the life cycle of structures.

The NIT integrates a Laboratory approved by IPAC, UPAVMAT, which performs a wide range of characterization tests on paving materials and railway infrastructures materials, in particular aggregates, bituminous binders, bituminous mixtures and materials treated with cement and other non-traditional binders.