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Transport Infrastructures Unit
Transport Infrastructures Unit


The activity developed at NIT is basically intended to contribute to ensure the quality of transport infrastructures, involving different aspects, particularly, safety, users’ comfort, efficiency of services and environmental sustainability, by taking into account the need to optimize the resources used in their construction, rehabilitation, operation and maintenance.
The activity of NIT is mainly conducted in the framework of planned research and research under contract studies, simultaneously with other activities of science and technology, in particular the organization of scientific and technical events and participation in these events, participation in working groups, support to the building industry by performing tests and providing expert advisory services, as well as through activities related with standardization and training, among others.
The planned research under way at NIT has led to various MSc and PhD dissertations, some of them having been jointly subsidized by public and private bodies, both national and foreign, in particular under the sponsorship of EU programmes.
The research under contract is performed at the request of various bodies, including road, railway, airport and harbour administrations and other organizations responsible for the design construction and operation of infrastructures, as well as several other companies related with the building industry. The activity developed at NIT, within the framework of standardization, embraces, among other activities, the participation in Technical Standardization Committees, in the area of paving materials (CEN/TC 227; CT 129), aggregates (CEN/TC 154; CT 154) and railway applications (CEN/TC 256; CT143).

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