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Studies - Technical manual for road safety inspections on the National Road Network

This study was intended to create the technical conditions for the implementation of Road Safety Inspections (RSI) on National Road Network sections, as foreseen by the Directive 2008/96/EC of the Parliament and European Council.

According to the Manual definition, RSI is an a aprioristic road safety intervention instrument, which consists of a regular and systematic in situ inspection of operating roads, covering the entire National Road Network, carried out by roads safety expert teams with specific training, resulting in a formal report which identifies the hazards and safety problems detected, to which the competent road authority (usually the concessionaire) has to respond formally.

The work involved the following activities:

  • Prepare the Technical Manual to support the implementation of road safety inspections.
  • Test the application of the manual on the two most relevant road types in the National Road Network (motorways and single carriageway roads).
  • Define the qualification requirements of the safety expert teams responsible for conducting RSI.

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