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Building Parts Laboratory

The Building Parts Laboratory (UCE) is part of the Buildings Department of LNEC Acoustics, Lighting, Building Components and Facilities Unit.

LNEC performs testing on exterior window frames since 1969 and this laboratory performs tests in accordance to European standards of pedestrian doors and windows since 2005, and as a notified laboratory, under the harmonized standard EN 14351-1 NP, since 2007. It aims to support the construction industry and innovation in the field of technological development of frames. It also performs tests on other building elements.

Additional information can be found at this laboratory's flyer.

Field of expertise

UCE is equipped with the technical and human resources to carry out the tests or calculations according to the harmonized characteristics of the product standard windows and pedestrian doors (EN 14351-1), which support the EC marking of outer frames.


UCE holds Certificate No. L0489, and performs the following tests on prototypes of pedestrian doors and windows, for which it has been certified:

  • air permeability;
  • watertightness;
  • resistance to wind load;
  • resistance to static torsion.

Other services

In addition to the tests for which it has been certified UCE also develops and performs other tests, such as:

  • testing for determination of operating forces on windows and doors;
  • testing for the determination of resistance to racking on windows;
  • testing for the determination of resistance to vertical load on doors;
  • test of resistance to repeated opening and closing on windows and doors;
  • static and dynamic tests on guards of buildings;
  • sound insulation calculation on windows;
  • air permeability tests, watertightness, resistance to wind load and impact tests on curtain walling;
  • in situ air permeability and watertightness tests;
  • mechanical and functional testing on internal pedestrian doorsets, according to European Standards (EN 14351-2).