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Roof Finishes Laboratory

The Roof Finishes Laboratory (URC) is part of the Building Finishes and Thermal Insulation Unit of LNEC´s Buildings Department.

The creation of this laboratory has resulted from the need to support studies about the behaviour of roof materials and systems, especially the waterproofing systems.

Additional information can be found at this laboratory's flyer.

Field of expertise

URC develops laboratory activity related with the characterization and assessment of the performance of the following types of materials and construction systems:

  • APP or SBS modified bitumen sheets;
  • traditional fabrics and bituminous felts (oxidized bitumen);
  • synthetic membranes (PVC, EPDM, etc.);
  • liquid waterproofing products.


URC performs different tests on roof waterproofing systems, in particular the following:

  • determination of thickness, length, width and mass per square meter;
  • determination of tensile strength characteristics;
  • determination of static and dynamic punction;
  • determination of tear resistance;
  • determination of peel resistance;
  • determination of adhesion of granules;
  • determination of watertightness;
  • determination of dimensional stability;
  • determination of flow resistance at elevated temperature;
  • determination of flexibility at low temperature;
  • determination of up lift resistance.

Other services

Beyond testing activities in support to the technical assessment and approval of roof waterproofing materials, products and systems, URC delivers other services, in particular:

  • research studies, development of materials and building systems;
  • advisory activities and support to the project as regards new constructions or conservation and rehabilitation actions;
  • support to the construction sector, by performing tests of characterization and roof covering behaviour, expert support to the characterization of coatings for floors and walls.