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Floor Coverings Laboratory

The Floor Coverings Laboratory (URPi) is part of the Building Finishes and Thermal Insulation Unit within the Buildings Department of LNEC.
This test laboratory was created in 1993 to support studies of materials and construction systems for insulation and covering of non-structural building elements.

Additional information can be found at this laboratory's flyer.

Field of expertise

URPi develops activity in different fields, particularly as refers to the characterization and performance evaluation of the following types of building materials and systems, either in laboratory or in situ:
  • cork floor coverings;
  • vinilic floor coverings;
  • synthetic resins floor coverings;
  • rubber floor coverings;
  • wood floor coverings;
  • stone floor coverings.


URPi performs, among others, the following tests on floor coverings:

  • water permeability;
  • adherence between layers;
  • static and dynamic indentation;
  • initial and residual deformation;
  • impact resistance;
  • floor varnish elasticity;
  • castors chair resistance;
  • compression and flexion resistance;
  • tensile and extension fracture resistance;
  • draining capacity.

Other services

In addition to the studies referred to above, which are usually associated with research under contract, and within NRI’s framework, URPi also conducts studies of a more comprehensive nature related to:

  • Research studies for the development of materials and construction systems and assessment methods;
  • experimental modelling studies of floor coverings under different use conditions;
  • expert advisory and design support as regards conservation and rehabilitation actions;
  • support to construction industry activities, by performing characterization tests on the behaviour and performance of floor coverings.